Designed with the professional grower's needs in mind, we've made sure to cover all the bases. From water filtration to cloning and propagation, each of the equipment options has been carefully selected to ensure that every possible combination works perfectly together.

Our plantation system have 2 layer, The lower with 1.5mm thickness Aluminium platform and 12-20inch adjustable legs with wheels, the upper with the same platform but height adjustable from 35.5 to 63inch. We also provide the plastic water tank , Led lamp, water pump and some other accessories. Many project size you can choose from according to your warehouse size, one set 4x8ft, 4x6ft, 4x5ft, 4x4ft, etc.
For the experienced grower, we have linked each of the customizable options offered in our grow tent kit below.

Welcome to send your warehouse size to us, our engineer could design and make perfect project for you soon.
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