* ATA 300 Standard 
* Spring action Handles per Side
* Easy locking fit and tongue
* Heavy and powerful steel ball corners
* Industrial strength latches and rubber feet
* Dual anchor rivets
* Rear hinged door panel
* Laminated 3/8" plywood
* Includes mounting hardware and padlocks
* Recessed butterfly twist latches

Item ATA Flight Case for Audio Speakers
Material Plywood + hardware + foam
Dimensions Custom 
Usage Transportation/Storage/Audio Show/Exhibition
Color Black or customized
Feature Heavy Duty, Lightweight, Portable
Products Range
Road Case, Rack Case, Guitar Case, Keyboard Case, TV Case, Lighting Case,
DJ Case, Mixer Case,Mic Case, Drawer Case, Speaker Case, etc 
How to order
1. Please advise the dimensions of your equipment if possible. 
     Or specific brand and model of your equipment are also OK. 
2. Quotation will be provided according to the dimensions you have confirmed.

Model Number Description- Audio Speaker Flight Cases 
RK2EON15C Flight Case for 2 x JBL EON 15CG2 speakers with caster board
RK4JBLCTRL25S Flight case fits 4 x JBL Ctrl25 speaker with storage and fixed cover
RKFS3LSS Speaker case fits for Bose free space 3 loudspeaker system
RK2EON515C Speaker case for Dual JBL EON 515 speakers with caster board
RK-VRX918SPC Speaker case for JBL VRX918S with caster board 
RKYDSR112C Speaker case for YAMAHA DSR112 with caster board
RKYDSR115C Speaker case for YAMAHA DSR115 with caster board
RKQSCK12SCDC Speaker case for 2 x QSC K12 with compartment and caster board
RKKLA181CDC Speaker case for QSC KLA181
RK2PS15R2CDC Speaker case for 2 x Nexo PS15R2 with caster board
RK2SRM450CDC Speaker case for 2 x MACKIE SRM450 with caster board
RKKC550C Speaker case for Roland KC-550 with caster board
Customized Size Yes

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