Custom Drawer Case With Two Lockable Interior Drawers and Cas

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This is another new style drawer case in RK’s custom case series. This large case is different from other models for it’s sole two divided drawers on the top layer and two separative cells on the base. A large caster board on the bottom makes it easy and convenient to move. Let’s be more specific about it’s structure and function on the description below.
This custom drawer flight case is made of hard fireproof plywood and assembled with metal hardware. It’s rugged and strong enough to host some heavy duty electric device and equipment. You can use it as DJ workstation for hosting your audio speakers or Amp mixers in the cells. Two drawers on the top provide you more space for storage, and also, these two lockable provides you security of your personal goods. Seen from the back, there are two small open-close type doors on the base. These doors are set on the base for link up the wires through the case. Doors can be shut up when it’s not useful. Large caster board on the bottom makes the whole case easy moving, it’s convenient and functional. You can even use it as desk in office.
This is only short brief about our new custom drawer case above, for more details, please contact with our colleagues on our website. Since RK is one of the best flight case manufacturers and export suppliers in China, we provide customers of flight case customize service and completed after-sale service. We welcome customers around the world for consultation.   

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