DJ Coffin Technics 1200 Flight case With Laptop Tray

flight cases



Flight case of DJ Coffin is a leading case manufacturer in south of China,all ST flight case are designed in CN and made of the best material,if you choose RK's flight case you equipment can be assured get the best protection it deserved.
Our DJ Conffin Flight Case are made of smooth 5m/7mm/9mm/12mm  high pressured laminate plywood with 0.5mm Fireproof layer on surface.
Model of RKCDJ2000, DJM900, is designed to fit Pioneer DJ gear equipment CDJ2000 and DJM900.
Our DJ Flight Case have Economic style / Classic style/ Luxury style for your option, it can fit your different needs,and all our laptop tray, low-proflie wheels and Riser are also optional for you. We also provide different color Plywood and black painting aluminum extrusion.

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