This company named rack in the case Ltd. Have their to manufacture the largest selection of Portable Dance Floor to sell all around the world. Our dance floors have been sold to different countries, From small private parties to large corporate events. RK will have all your flooring needs covered. We are currently preferred supplier to many venues nationwide including museums, art galleries, hotels and Royal Palaces. Also we have branches in Singapore and Thailand.

Our fleet of lorries and vans often work throughout the night delivering the best dance floor and stages in the land. As preferred suppliers to the world, Art Galleries and events venues you need look no further.

Also our dance floor easy to install and stable for your event.


Step 1: Chose an open area of the room that has enough space for the following:

  1. DJ booth, stage if required or even room for a band.
  2. Away from fragile objects that may get knocked around
  3. The floor has a sloping metal edge that needs to be slotted in to prevent trips, leave   about half a foot between the edge of the floor           and the wall or other immovable objects.

Step 2: Measure length and width of the space available.

Step 3: Decide which type/color of dance floor best fits the surroundings and theme of the event or party. Colors are optional as:

  *  Black and White,  
  *  White,  
  *  Black, 
  *  Purple

The space may even be a little odd so let us know and we can see how we can figure it out of how to fix it.

Step 4: Give us a call and one of our experts will quote or even arrange a site visit to check accessibility and parking etc.

Step 5: After you ordered,just need to waiting for your dance floor and then we will show you the way how to install it.

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