Lighting Flight Case of Green Color For 10 LED Displays

flight cases



LED displays has become popular in many aspects of our amusement life. This large high clarity screen are consist of small pieces of LED displays by steel stand holder. Since these LED screens have to be taken down after the performance is over, and have to be kept well in conservation. There need a case for storing these heavy fragile LED screens. That’s why we bring up the idea of making a LED display flight case for special size LED displays.
This lighting case of LED display case is special made for 500mm*500mm size LED screen. It is made of fireproof plywood with green color painted. There are ten cells inside, which means, it is for 10 pieces LED displays hostage. There is black foam inside to keep the screens safe from sudden shock or crash in transport. Latches on the cover are lockable for security of the hosting gears. There are four casters on the bottom for convenient of moving. You don’t have to carry the large heavy screens from place to place since you have this rugged case.
There are many styles of LED display cases to choose from in our website if the model doesn’t suit you LED screen. Colors are optional. We can customize flight case in certain size and model as long as you leave your idea massage on our website or contact with our sales team directly. We are glade to help whenever you call us. 

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