This mixer case for Mackie Mixer Currently on the market dj-equipment there are more different dj-controllers with common features and individual characteristics. Here we make a brief of this mixer case for customers when they choosing a controller and how to choose the most suitable case. 
Advantages of this mixer case:
-External mixer full-length, on it a lot of space, great for live performances
-The mixer is often connected to the sound system is available and ready for use
-Analogue reduce off and level control signal on each channel is really convenient
-Headphone is easy to use and gives even more power
-Management monitors and a master in one place
RK is a leading manufacturer of mixer flight cases for all applications. All ST Flight cases are designed in the China and built using the best available materials. If you choose RK's flight case, you can be assured your equipment will get the protection it deserves.

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