RK is proud to be a leading supplier for medical flight cases. Our medical cases are meticulously designed and manufactured particularly for special needs. These products can offer the best protection for any kind of medical equipments and tools. This is why our cases are so widely used by many doctors, nurses, family and those Large Medical companies. We can not only provide the most professional standard cases, but also custom cases for your unique needs.
Aluminum medical cases
These specially designed are ideal options for doctors, nurse and family use. The aluminum cases are usually suitable for carrying medicines, tools and small machines for daily use. These specially designed cases are usually water and moisture- resistant, ensuring great safety for the contents.

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Road Cases

Our road cases are also ideal options for large medical equipments. These specially designed products can offer the best protection for any kind of precision machines. The suspension structure can help buffer the any shock. The wheels help you save a lot of work while transporting.

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