Mixer Flight Case With 4 Heavy Duty Recessed Flip Handles for Si Expression 3 Mixer

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This mixer flight case was custom designed to fit your Soundcraft Si Expression 3 Digital Mixing Console. Featuring an inner foam lining, ball corners, industrial latches, spring-loaded rubber-coated handles, and marine grade plywood construction, this mixer case will protect and secure your valuable Soundcraft Si Expression 3 Digital Mixer.

Manufactured in House Soundcraft Si Expression 3 mixer Specifications Mixer case designed to hold the mixer in use. All of our mixer cases are built to the highest standards, these are not designed to be cheap but to last a lifetime. With heavy Duty Penn Hardware 4 x Heavy Duty Large Penn Latches 4 x Heavy Duty Recessed Flip Handles Removable Lid, these features Leave the mixer in the base Heavy Duty Aluminum Edging Foam Lining Space at rear for cables & connectors Please note: Handle and hardware placements may differ between mixer models. You will find it beefy and protective after you put your Si Expression 3 mixer in this flight case for use.
* 3/8" Plywood w/Black Laminate
* Foam Rubber Lined Interior
* Industrial Rivets
* High Impact Ball Corners
* Industrial Twist-Lock Latches
* Dual Heavy Duty Recessed Spring-Loaded Handles on Each End
* Tongue and Groove Aluminum Edge Trim
* Top Lifts Off for Easy Access to Mixer
* Internal Foam Blocks Secure Mixer During Transport
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