Slant Mixer Rack Case/6U Vertical Rack System for Standard Mixer

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This 10U slant rack case of 6U Vertical Rack provides an efficient way to configure, store and move your gear from gig to gig. This product can be used as both a slant mixer case or a vertical racking system. The slant rack case itself is made of 3/8" laminated construction and was designed using strong components you can have confidence in spring handles, aluminum reinforced edges, steel reinforced corners and twist latches. This portable rack case comes in multiple configurations. Customers can choose from different options in the drop down rack case menu, slant rack case, mixer rack case, shock-mount rack case, ect.
* Premium 3/8" vinyl laminated plywood
* Tongue and groove locking fit
* Heavy-duty rack rails
* Hinged rear door
* Beefy, stackable ball corners
* Double anchor industrial rivets
* Recessed, industrial grade latches
* Recessed, spring-loaded handles
* Industrial-grade rubber feet
* Mounting hardware included
* Dimensions (LxDxW): 23.9" x 15.4" x 21.5"
* Weight: 37 lb.
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