With near 20 years experience of designing and manufacturing flight cases, RK’s products are also very popular among fans of sports. Our trunks and cases can be found at almost all kinds of events- for the protection of the sporting equipments to the daily use of the sportsmen’s wardrobe. These cases are perfectly designed for convenient transportation and are really durable for long term use. Each penny worth with flight cases from RK. The standard products have combined with the most fashionable features, while those custom cases can be designed and manufactured according to your personal requirements.
In the sports events, you have to bring a lot of essentials with you. Large capacity cases or trunks are really essential for you. RK’s trunks can bring you more surprise than you can expect- the largest inner capacity and 360 degree turnable wheels. It offers comprehensive protection for all contents in it. The transportation is just an easy job.

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Wardrobe and workbox
RK offers flight cases for all occasions, even if those sportsmen who are in need of wardrobe. No matter what kind of sports even you are taking in- the basketball, football and so like, we all have the right cases for you needs. As a designer and manufacturer of standard and custom cases, RK is committed to offering the most suitable product solution for all clients needs.

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Shoe Cases
Flight cases for shoe and other personal accessories are also available in RK. Our specially designed protective cases can offer the highest safety for your beloved shoes.

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