Production detail:

Model Number: RKTUT1185861CDCMKA
External Dimensions (L,W,H) : 1195 x 595 x 770mm (Ball Corners INC) 
Features: Manufactured from 12mm laminated plywood with black rigid PVC finish on the sides and bottom and 15mm top, the case is fully extruded with Penn Elcom 40mm extrusion all round. The dolly board features 4 x 250KG Penn Castors and a routed finger grip on all four sides for low lifting. The top of the case features castor dishes for stacking other cases of the same type. Two handles are on each face allowing for ease of use when tipping packers and running them in and out of a ramp. A PennBrite label dish is provided for adhering current tour labels (222mm x 172mm / 8.74" x 6.77").
The internal foam on the side walls of the case has grooves cut out so that internal dividers can be added. 10mm EVA foam lined in all sides of internal case. 
A perfect fit in any transport, 1195mm Cadillacs are optimised for Truck Packology: Stack 2 wide or 3 side by side in a 2400mm box truck.

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