RK's Hot sale Travel Road Case of Wardrobe Flight Case For Performnce Clothes

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This removable road case of wardrobe flight case for Performnce Clothes is support custom built to pretect your stuffs/equipment whilst on the road. All our cases are kept in super quality with 9mm-12mm fireproof plywood or non-slip industrial panels(honeycomb), aluminum frames on all edges, indestructible strong ball-corners to protect case corners, using our RK hardware or Penn hardware.
As a leading manufacturer of flight cases here in China, we have Professional R&D team, sales team and after-sale team, our company and our cases are your perfect choice. Let's contribute a long-term business relationship from now on.
- Model: RKWB12093199C
- Type: removable road case for Performnce Clothes
- Int Dims w1176mm x d904mm x h1958mm
- Ext Dims w1200mm x d928mm x h2112mm inc castors
- 12mm Black fireproof plywood
- RK hardware:latches,handles,aluminum edges,strong corner and universal wheels etc.
- Packing size:1250*978*2162mm 
- Packing weight: 122kg
- Packing: Cartons/ Bubble Bags/ Protective Film
RK offers a lifetime guarantee on all the products we sale. We are always here to discuss your requirement if this wardrobe flight case for performance clothes above does not suit your needs.
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