China Factory Aluminum Backdrop Stand Pipe Drape For Wedding

China Factory Aluminum Backdrop Stand

             Pipe Drape For Wedding

Material: Drape- flame resistant velvet/flax tow/pleuche

                Pipe-Alumunium+Hardware Accessories. 

Size: Customized;

Color: Black/White/Customized;

Weight: Optional;

Assembly and Dimension: Our Standard of a unit pipe and drape is two pillars, oen crossbar, two basements and one drape.The area of drape will be max height and max wodth;

Model Type of Pillar:  RK-TS812, 8' -12 ' Adjustable Upright;

Model Type of Corssbar:  RK-TDS47, 2 ' -3 ' TDS(stops at 5&6 ' );

Model Type of Basement:  RKPDB4040, 400*400*5mm .

1.Upright pipe and hardware accessories
Uprights are usually manufactured from aluminum that is usually lightweight and compact-resist.Uprights and bases are connected to make the structure stand up.


2.Adjustable crossbar
Cross bars are what connect different uprights and drapes. These parts can be either standard sized or telescopic. Usually, the standard sized can be used to support drape ranges from 1’ to 10’, while the telescopic type can be much longer.


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