event wedding aluminum backdrop stand pipe drape
Pipe and drape crossbars details:
-The length can be standard or telescopic
-Support draperies firmly
-Ranges from 1' to 10' or other telescopic length
-Tough hooks connects uprights

Backdrop stand upright details:
-Can be standard or adjusted
-Ranges from 3’ to 26’
-Slip-lock structure.
-Custom made or other types are also available

Drape kits base plate details:
-Connected to upright easily and conveniently
-Weight ranges from 6 to 62 lb
-Three holes for different installation needs
-Special coating makes it rust-resistant
-Designed at low profile

Drapes details:
-Super soft and plush
-Great for the most elegant and fancy event
-Flame retardant and machine washable

Flight case packing

Bag packing

Table cover

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