China Factory Customized Wedding Backdrop Design

China Factory Customized Wedding Backdrop Design

Material: Drape- flame resistant velvet/flax tow/pleuche

                Pipe-Alumunium+Hardware Accessories. 

Size: Customized;

Color: Black/White/Customized;

Weight: Optional;

Assembly and Dimension: Our Standard of a unit pipe and drape is two pillars, oen crossbar, two basements and one drape.The area of drape will be max height and max wodth;

Model Type of Pillar:  RK-TS812, 8' -12 ' Adjustable Upright;

Model Type of Corssbar:  RK-TDS47, 2 ' -3 ' TDS(stops at 5&6 ' );

Model Type of Basement:  RKPDB4040, 400*400*5mm .

* Freestanding system;

* Durable and rust resistant;

* Modular system;

* Easy to install, can be assembled in minutes;

* Virtually unlimited size or configuration;

* Creates theatre-like appearance;

* No extra tools required;

* Drapes can be supplied to size;

* Easy for carry with special designed hand bags;

* Custom height is available;

* Upright,cross bar,bases and other pipe sections can be sold separately.


Vincent Yang 

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