High quality fashion design furniture flight case

*  Premium 3/8” Vinyl Laminated Plywood

*  Beefy, Stackable Ball Corners

*  Double Anchor Industrial Rivets

*  Recessed, Industrial Grade Latches

*  Recessed, Industrial Grade Handle

*  Industrial Grade Rubber Feet

*  Tongue and Groove Locking Fit

*  Velvet Interior

*  ATA 300 Rating

furniture flight case advantages of RK

^  Professional and reliable manufacturer with near 20 years experience 

^  Providing free design

^  Friendly and pro sales engineers

^  5 Warranties

^  Fast delivery

^  Low price

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Contact person : Tina Xiong 

Email Address:sales@flightinthecases.com 

Skype: rksd505.

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