Choose RK guitar flight case,Protect your precious guitar
Travelling with a guitar can be a nightmare. Trust us, we know. There’s a whole plethora of things that could go wrong; the headstock could break, strings may snap and, in the case of Bryan Adams, staff may just decide to write all over it.
The most common causes of damage to your guitar are as follows:
- Firstly, maltreatment during loading and unloading the plane. From a slight bump to an almighty drop, your guitar could be in grave danger.
- Secondly, the glue or woodwork of the guitar may become damaged due to the massive amount of pressue and low temperatures in the cargo hold.
- Finally, your guitar may be damaged on the conveyer belt whilst been put on or taken off the plane.
Choose RK guitar flight case,Protect your precious guitar.

guitar flight case
guitar flight case

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