RK effect rack case
Effect rack cases are built tough. We make some of the finest, high quality ATA road cases in the Industry. Hand crafted with care our rack case feature rugged features like Beefy, industrial ball corners, hardware and recessed handles, cable ports and rugged laminated plywood construction.We supply 3 years warranty.
Effect racks are available from 2U to 18 U's. All effect have 14”body depth or 18 “ body depth part and have the same width 19inches (536cm) with amplifier rack. 1 U is 4.45cm,you can choose the model according the height of the equipment.Our classic road effect racks feature 3/8" laminated plywood construction.With the two doors,you can use the equipment in the case.
If you need a effect rack case , please kindly let us know what is the width(standard type 19inches ) , depth(body depth 14 inches or 18 inches ) , height you need .
effect rack case

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