The Importanc of Flight case For Guitar In Transportation
Musician need to travel around the world for concert or gig and they need to carry their instruments with them, on flight or ship sometimes.Guitars are easy to damage during travel. So, the way how to protect your instruments from damage is really importance at the first place.
I recommend shipping guitar in a flight case. Remove termolo arms, inhole pickupas, and such.Any bits that might flop around, like slides, picks, capos, ect., should also be removed and sent separately.The strings should remain on, but it's a good idea to loosen then a bit. The guitar should be solid and stable in the case. 
A cherished guitar should always travel as you would :that's why I prefer to use guitar case instead of soft bags, A real guitar flight case is expensive, heavy and big but rugged to protect your guitar.So choosing the right size and good quality guitar case is the thing we should consider about first.

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