RK newest wood dance floor hot-selling on big promotion
Now our Newest dance floor with a very big promotion, this price is the cheapest in this year. If you order 8x8m dance floor we also send you 4 trolley for free, it’s more convenient to carry and install.
0.5x0.5m, 1x1m, 2x2ft, 3x3ft, 4x4ft and custom size. Rectangular, square, circular, triangular, T-shaped and other shapes can be selected. we can make any size dance floor, as long as you need it.
For example, you need 16x16ft dance floor, then we will send you 16pcs 4x4ft panel and 16pcs aluminum edge. And now we have a big promotion, 8x8m dance floor need 64pcs 1x1m panel and 22pcs aluminum edge, this 8x8m newest dance floor only need 4400usd in total, and we also send 4 trolley for free.
RK dance floor meet multi-variety investment, suitable for church, school, wedding, party, dance room and many other activities.
All this dance floor is flat, not wrinkled, and not deformed. The plates are hardened to meet the national hardness standard, the joints are flat, firm and beautiful.
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