2013 Latest LED Light Flight Case from RK
Maybe a lot of LED light cases can be provided for you to choose, however, you feel a little tired of these ordinary cases. You desire to have a new or special case for the protection of your precious LED light. Well, our RK factory produces the latest LED light flight cases in 2013.

LED Light Case
RK lighting case

Product Details:
1.LED Light Case
2.Durable and heavy-duty case
3.Custom cases are available
4.Careful packaging and quick delivery
5.Fireproof plywood or nonslip
6.High quality hardware accessories
7.Different foams are optional

Images for RK hardware fittings:
RK hardware fittings

We are the most professional team, so we will offer you the perfect flight case depends on your request. Besides, we also provide you the best service included relieved packing and shippment.
RK flight cases

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