RK High Quality Hardware Fittings of Flight Case
Usually, a good flight case depends on the quality of the hardware fittings. And our RK hardwares are high quality that completely fit your needs. They include:

1.  Ball Corners
Especially, beefy and stackable corners are convenient to stack those flight cases.

Ball Corners

2. Industrial Grade Handles for easy to carry your road case.

RK Handle
3.Recessed Latch
The pretty and practical recessed latch provide plenty space saving for the rack case and easy to lock it.

Recessed Latch

RK Recessed Latch

Equipped with high heavy casters for easy to move and transport your equipment.


5.Wheel Caster Dish
A recessed, wheel caster dish which will have flight cases stacked on them with either fixed or swivel wheels.

Caster Dish
6. Double Anchor Industrial Rivets installed for strong  to fixing the flight case.


7.Rubber Feet
It can protect against the damage the flight case's bottom.

Rubber Feet

Durable lightweight aluminum frame and hingle allow for good connection and protection.

A removable high density foam insert which the shape is decided by inner equipment. EVA Foam is frequently used in road case.
High density foam

Customized design and requirements are welcomed in RK. Well, you can know details by watching below video about RK hardwares of flight cases.

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