Strong 3-Door Shockproof Rack Case Wholesale
It is often occurred that you can't find a special rack case to transport your fragile and expensive rack equipment. You hope that case can also operate easily and conveniently. As a result, RK has produced strong 3-door shockproof rack cases that conform to the needs of the market.

3-Door Shockproof Rack Case

This professional rack case is designed with unique integral spring-suspension system. It is great for sensitive gear. To prevent the flight case from damage, it is manufactured by aluminium angle and steel ball conners. 3 doors can open at the above, front and back side, which means that you can take out your items quickly.

Other features listed:

Durable shockproof, fireproof and waterproof materials
Industrial Grade Recessed latches on both ends
High quality hardware fittings included
Protective rubber feet mounted on the bottom
Equipped with heavy duty casters for easy transportation
Protective, removable, high density foam insert

RK High Quality Rack Case

RK wholesale flight case allows many applications that means it can be used at different location, such as touring, outdoor events, schools, houses of worship, clubs, bars, theatres, sports, entertainment venues and so on. It is so amazing that has attracted a great number of customers. The RK shockproof rack cases have all the best features you're looking for.

RK road case products cover a vast range of clients' needs. Customized flight cases are also welcome in RK. Find more product details, get more you want!

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