Lowest Price!Rack Cases Promotion!!!

As a leading manufacturer of flight cases, RK has tried all possible ways to help clients save more money. We have promoted our Amarni flight cases for users who are in need of rack cases. All of our rack cases can now be obtained at the lowest price ever in the market.
All buyers can enjoy great discount. Our 2U, 3U and 4U Effect Deluxe Case and Amplifier Deluxe Case can be obtained at the lowest price in the market, only $9.9-$15.9!!!

However, you should take actions as soon as possible. Each new buyer can only purchase 6 pieces at most and once the samples are sold out, there is no such special discount!


Rack cases for Promotion!

The price list:


NO. Brand Type Model Description Part # No. Special Price
A2 AMARNI Rack Case 2U Effect Deluxe Case 14" Body Depth AM2UED $9.90 USD
A3 AMARNI Rack Case 3U Effect Deluxe Case 14" Body Depth AM3UED $12.90 USD
A4 AMARNI Rack Case 4U Effect Deluxe Case 14" Body Depth AM4UED $15.90 USD

Features of the Rack Cases:


  • Effect Deluxe Case
  • Tuffcoat finish
  • 5mm plywood
  • Brand: Amarni
  • 14" Body Depth

RK is one of the largest manufacturers of flight cases and we sell flight cases in over thousands of models. No matter what kind of flight cases or protective trunks are you looking for, we will never disappoint you. For the latest product information, please visit our website: www.flightinthecases.com!


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