RK Flight Cases Specifically Designed for Wonderful Stage
Whether the generation after 80s or 90s, they are eager to see a concert of their favorite idols. Usually on TV, they have been attracted by the brightest stage, but to create that kind of stage effects need to spend a lot of manpower and material resources.Indispensable, of course, is the magic of stage flight case, without them, there can not be successfully performed.Stage Flight Case is specifically used to protect those expensive and gorgeous stage equipment. According to the characteristics of different stage equipment, they can have different types of stage flight case. For example, guitar case, heading lighting case, microphone case, speaker case, as well as mixer case and so on. All need to well protected during transporting and moving.

RK Stage Flight Case

RK Stage Flight Cases

Therefore, we can see there are many big flight case place at the show scene or concert. They play a important role in modern successful performance. The field staff need to carefully move and take out them. But, they don't have to, because the case is very strong, and also inside the box filled with cotton protection. The premise is to choose good flight cases those specially designed for stage. And I know RK flight case is well produced with high quality materials and gain the good reputation among customers. Moreover, their features listed:Durable shockproof, fireproof and waterproof materials;Industrial Grade Recessed latches on both ends;High quality hardware fittings included;Protective rubber feet mounted on the bottom;Equipped with heavy duty casters for easy transportation;Protective, removable, high density foam insert.

Heading Lighting Case

Heading Lighting Cases for Wonderful Stage

We stick to speak with the facts, and ultimately successful stage means everything. Custom stage flight cases are available in RK. We are determined to build the best case for you.

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