How to increase your sales on flight case - Marketing lesson one

Aa distributor of flight case ,you need more customer to buy your products and incrse your sales.All to often ,thats many cooperations‘s problems as well .As a online

marker i m going to teach you something as first lesson:

First,you need to make clear about your customer's need .analysis what kind of service they need ,Buy your product for what kind of use .Only you know your clients well ,then you

can make  a sales plan or  marketing strategy.

Second,after you know about your customer's need,back to your product features.Ask yourself  why they buy your products not other people or elsewhere. Product features may

related to the designing of your flight case ,the looking for example or easy to carry,protect your equments well .

Third,after selling service ,when your case sold out ,you need to track your customer or even asking about the feeling of they using.

Fouth , its  about brading ,why people buy from you?caurse they hear about your brand from other ways,for instence like social media facebook ,twitter,or watch a vedioclip from


Sixth,as mention in the fouth part,social network you can not be neglected ,build a team start your socail media marketing ,you'll benefit a lot ,a bet ,i will take RK as an

example,we built our brand since 1996 ,we have customers all over,Asian ,Africam, Europe ...we also use facebook ,  twitter ,you can have look at us on Facebook fanpage  @RK twitter  .

Thanks for today !!

RK flight case show: 


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