A Good Market In RK Flight Cases
A Good Market In RK Flight Cases
Air flight case as a part of an flight case, one of its main use is as the container of long-distance transportation.
Actually as long-distance transportation packing type on the market has a lot of, can say is protean, but why air flight case can become the most popular in the market today long-distance transportation box, I think it has much to do with the characteristics of itself.

1, air flight case every Angle with high strength metal ball Angle and alloy aluminum edge and splint fixed connection, at the bottom of the flight case body to bear ability and wear resistant ability strong PU wheel combination.
2, air flight case installed clapboard can according to the product characteristics, body inside and partition labeled softer EVA composite solid back material, the material has lightweight, heat insulation, shockproof, moisture, fire and anti-oxidation, sealing function.

Through the above two characteristics of the flight case, should be easy to understand why it can be one of the most popular in the market now long-distance transportation packing.
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