RK Unique pipe and drape used for wedding
RK Pipe and drape makes life simple!
  • Consisting of only steel bases, aluminum pipes, and fabric, setting up a pipe and drape display requires no special skills and nothing more than a flat head screwdriver (which is only necessary for about 15 seconds). You end up with a temporary structure that is completely portable...ready to move to the next room, or even the next state, whenever its needed.

RK Pipe and drape saves time and money!


  • You host several functions each month, and each one can have a variety of color schemes that blends everything perfectly. Problem is, your walls are white. Or ivory. Or any other color. Plus, you have that big logo on the wall that sticks out like a sore thumb. What can you do? Well, you could paint the walls EVERY TIME, spending $25-$40 per gallon of paint...not to mention the time that it takes. Or, you can set up pipe and drape in no time at all, with little effort, and simply switch out the drape colors for each event. Easy choice!

RK Pipe and drape transforms space!


  • Say you have a big room, but a small event. With pipe and drape, there's no need to have 15 people sitting in a huge space normally reserved for a hundred! Put up some pipe & drape and transform that large room in to a more intimate area.


  • Wedding halls use pipe and drape for backdrops behind the head table, and often the surrounding walls as well.

RK Pipe and Drape Details:

RK Pipe and drape looks great!

  • In a public venue undergoing construction, it can be a real eye sore for clients or customers to be able to see the work being performed. Put up some pipe and drape and keep them concentrating on the important things, not the wall that is knocked down with wires running through it!

RK Pipe and Drape Packing:

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