Aluminum Stage with 1m Adjustable leg for DJ show

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The adjustable leg is an important role for Aluminum Stage Systems.4 braces and legs to stand one deck.But we can share them for aluminum stage systems.We are consider the Aluminum Stage brace on your portable stage for safety. Our RK aluminum stage brace create a sturdy and safety side for your stage project, while connect with adjustable legs and guardrail to prevent shocking from sliding off the stage edge. 
The size of brace is matched according to the modular, also the height can be adjust in a range for your aluminum stage systems. All the stage brace come standard with pins to install connect with modular and leg, it's quite easy to install. 
Item : RK-Aluminum Stage
Platform : Plywood / Plexiglas / Toughened glass
Surface : Carpet / Non-slip / Spray / Glass
Shape : Square / Rectangle
Modular : 1*1m or 1.22*1.22m or 1*2m or 1.22*2.44m(L*W) 
Adjustable leg : 0.4-0.5-0.6 m / 0.6-0.8-1 m /0.8-1-1.2m / 1-1.3-1.5m / 1.5-1.8-2m
Load capacity : 700 - 750 kg/Sq.m
Feature : # Easy to installation & dismantle
# Lightweight & removable
# Durable & attractive appearance
#CE,TUV Certificated 
Packing : Carton / Trolley / Flight case
Program for set : Modular + adjustable leg + stage brace + Adjustable wheels cup + Step
Accessories optional : Stage guardrail / Step guardrail / Stage skirt
Please Note: 
All of our RK Aluminum stage are built to the highest standards, these are not designed to be cheap but to last a lifetime.
As these are standard type, if you require some additional features please feel free to get in touch with our sales team.We have our own design team that can be design what you need to show ,will give your stage a professional look.

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