RK6UED - RK's 6U Effect Rack Case In 14" Depth

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All the same features as the RK's effect rack series and then some. This 6U effect rack case is one of our shockmount rack cases. It features a 18" wall of heavy foam between the outer wall and the inner wall where the rack rails are mounted. It also features egg-crate foam insulation on both the front and back doors for added protection of your rack gear 6 Space, 14" deep without lids shock mount effects rack. 3/8" Plywood with laminate.This rack case is special made for your equipment's protection. You can't miss it if you are really looking for a case for your gear.
 * Wood: 3/8" Plywood w/ Black Laminate
 * Material: Tongue & Groove Metal Railing, plywood
 * Corner Shape: Ball Corners
 * Industrial Rivets
 * Industrial Latches
 * Handles: Industrial Spring-Loaded
 * Rubber Feet on 8 unit and smaller
 * Heavy-Duty pre-tapped Rack Rails (w/Screws)
 * 1" Layer of Shock-absorbing foam between rails and outer wall
 * Foam-insulated Covers
 * Front & Rear Rack Rails
 * 4" Casters on 12 unit and larger
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