Rugged 12U Effect Rack Case For Wholesale

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RK12UED is a 12U Effect Rack Case intended to be used when rugged protection and portability is needed but doors are not required. Metal & plywood shell, spring-loaded handles provide a perfect solution for protection and small venues who need the flexibility of being able to move and store the rack when not in use.
*3/8" Plywood w/Black Laminate
*Metal Railing
*Industrial Rivets
*Dual Heavy Duty Recessed Spring-Loaded Handles on Each Side
*Rubber Feet for Easy Stacking
*Quick and easy assembly is required
*Small bag of rack screws and washers
*1 Rack Space Unit is 1.75" inches tall
*Heavy-Duty Pre-Tapped (Threaded) Rack Rails
*Front & Rear Rack Rails (recessed 1" inch from ea edge) 
All of our rack cases for whole sale are designed and built around the equipment to ensure maximum protection while keeping to the minimum size, which means the case is no bigger than it needs to be. Please land on our website to choose your favourite case.
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