Guitar Cases - Bass Guitar Case Fits Fender Jazz Bass and P-Bass

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Guitar Cases - Bass Guitar Case Fits Fender Jazz Bass and P-Bass

Product Details:

We create the RKGTRB Bass Guitar
Flight Case for the extremely protection of your precious guitar. Beefy, ATA style construction with swanky adjustable velvet lining to cradle your electric guitar in the perfect lap of luxury. We even threw in a handy compartment for all your accessories. All RK rack cases are sold at quick time and factory price. You can't miss it!

Features of this
flight case:

* Beefy, Stackable Corners
* Double Anchor Industrial Rivets
* Industrial Grade Latches
* Industrial Grade Handle
* Industrial Grade Rubber Feet
* Tongue and Groove Locking Fit
* ATA 300 style
* High Quality
* Fast Delivery

Color: Black

If you need other colors or design of
road case, we can also produce it for you.

Bass Guitar Case RKGTRB Flight Case Specifications:
Shipping Dimension W x H x D Product Dimension W x H x D Weight
39.7" x 7.4" x 17.5" 43.1" x 6.6" x 16.8" 21.6lbs
101cmx19cmx44.5cm 109.5cmx17cmx42.7cm 9.8kg

We can manufacture custom flight case according to your requirements. Welcome to call for price and inquire more details!
guitar case
RK Guitar Case

guitar case
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