Laptop Case With Storage Compartment For 17" Apple Laptop

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This strong and rugged laptop flight case is designed to accommodate the 17" MacBook and MacBook Pro's - Comes with a storage and protective cover. This laptop case is lightweight and compact, which makes your business journey convenient and comfertable. 
*Designed to hold the 15" MacBook & MacBook Pro
*Storage Compartment
*Strong and Rugged Design
*Foam Lined
*Steel Corners and Hardware
*Steel Feet
*Lockable Latches
*Black Laminate

As one of the best flight case manufactures in China, we make the very best value professional computer flight cases and bags for computers and laptops. So if you are looking for a protective solution for your computer, or music instruments like decks, mixer, CD player, records, PA amplifiers & processors or anything else the hard working performer needs, you will find it here. 

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