Large Lighting Case of 120*50*60cm Outside Measure With Two Separated Board

flight cases



A moving head lighting case is used to host and conserve moving head lights. As we know, a moving head lights for setting on performance stage or truss are heavy and clumsy. You need to install and take down the lights from time to time, and transport them from place to place. Mostly, moving such big heavy lights are not easy at all. We need a case for storing this lights. That’s why we made such flight case.
Our lighting cases are made of hard tough plywood and constructed with metal hardware, for which your LED moving head lights would be fully protected inside. This lighting case we describe here is lare and tough hard with 120*50*60cm outside measure. There are two movable divided boards in side the case for separation of storing equipment or tools. For most cases like this style, we place movable separated boards inside the case, which make the interior space adjustable for storing different sizes of lights or other equipment. All of our lighting cases are lockable and designed with casters on the bottom for convenient moving. Custom case is OK for us as long as you negotiate with our sales team.

More features are list as below:   

* Model No.: RKUT120CE
* ATA 300 Standard 
* Spring action Handles per Side
* Easy locking fit and tongue
* Heavy and powerful steel ball corners
* Industrial strength latches and rubber feet
* Dual anchor rivets
* Rear hinged door panel
* Laminated 3/8" plywood
* Includes mounting hardware and padlocks
* Recessed butterfly twist latches
* Rugged casters on the bottom

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