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RK’s flight cases are applicable in various occasions in addition to what people usually imagine. These products are can provide protection for all contents no matter where you are. When you want to bring your belongs with you, you can also use them. Flight cases are really the first choices for many users who often travel from one place to another, especially for those professional men.
Aluminum cases for cosmetics
Our flight cases are also ideal for cosmetics. When you and your team have to give a performance or show somewhere far away, you must be in need of carrying cosmetics and other relevant belongs with you. For this, our cosmetics aluminum cases are the right option for you.

flight cases for cosmetics

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Flight cases for hairdressers
If you are a profession in a specific field, you have to bring your tools with you. However, if the journey is too long, your tools are in need of protection. For this, our flight cases are available and practical for you.

flight cases for hairdressers

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>>See More about this models

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