Shock Mount Amp Rack Case With 18" Shock-mount

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Built to take a pounding and come back for more, this Shock Mount Amp Rack Case protects your gear from even the most groundbreaking abuse. Crafted with our exclusive case-within-a case design that features an unique integral suspension system, this shock mount case provides unparallel protection against even the most rigorous trauma. Built smart with dual rack rails for flexibility (mounted front and back an 16 1/4" rack depth) and two removable covers for easy access to your gear, this Amp rack case features 10U 's of rack space. You can't miss it if your are looking for a rugged Amp rack case for your gear.
* 3/8" Plywood w/Black Laminate
* Tongue & Groove Metal Railing
* Ball Corners
* Industrial Rivets
* Industrial Twist-Lock Latches
* Spring-Loaded Heavy Duty Handles
* Layer of 1" Shock-Absorbing Foam-Rubber between inner and outer case walls
* Foam-Lined Front and Back Lids for more shock absorption and protection
* Small bag of rack screws and washers
* 1 Rack Space Unit is (1.75") or (1 3/4") inches tall
* Heavy-Duty Pre-Tapped (Threaded) Rack Rails
* Front & Rear Rack Rails (recessed aprox 1" from each edge)
* Rack Rails are 19" wide and aprox 18" apart,front-back
* Rack Rails are 28" inches tall
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