14U Shock Mount Amp Rack Case With 18 Inch Shock Mount

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The Sock Mount Amp Rack Case is a kind of rack flight case which gives your Amps, mixers, or any other equipment with rack rails good protection and a better way of usage. This exclusive craft of case-with-case design features an unique integral suspension system. This stylish flight case is smartly built with dual rack rails for flexibility(mounted front and back an 16.25 inches rack depth) and two removable covers for easy access to your gear. You can even use your gear inside the case. This portable case is easy to carry from place to place, or frequently throw around by airport baggage-handing personnel. There are different sizes of shock mount rack case made in our factory to fit your gears or mixers of different styles and sizes. We can even make cases of custom designed individually for special industry or product. Our cases are tough strong and have arrived the quality of ATA 300 category 1.

The shock mount rack case we describe here has an interior space of 14U and 18 inch shock mount. As all our rack cases are made of black fireproof plywood and constructed with metal hardware, you don't have to worried about the security of your gears hosting inside. Just like it shows in the pictures, this case has a hard disassemble shell, which is easy for you to put in your hosting gears or equipment. With strong butterfly latches on two sides, your gear of mixer or Amp would be strongly wrapped inside. You don’t need to take it out when on using since the covers of two sides can be taken down.
We offer favorable price to customers of over 25 quantity order, and our delivery is fast and our package is security guaranteed. All cases we sold are life-long quality guaranteed. Please do not hesitate to contact with us if you are interested in our cases.


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