Talk about the importance of flightcases

For transportation, flightcases are also a problem that cannot be ignored. The main problems of flightcases include:

Expandability: Choose a flightcase with enough space for expansion. Make sure you have enough space to add more devices. Check the inside of flightcases to make sure there are no sharp edges. In the future, it is very important for the safety of the technicians and the prevention of accidental disconnection of the cables. Flightcases should also allow maintenance personnel to easily access internal components for future upgrades or troubleshooting.

Security: Because you'll save important files and more expensive items, consider security issues. Flightcases should be able to be locked to prevent illegal disassembly.
Certification: Select flightcases that have a certificate that meets your environment requirements. Typical certifications are FCC, UL and CE.
Generally speaking, generally 4U or more is selected. However, how to choose a stable and secure home is a problem that is often overlooked.
Senior users will not ignore the criticality of flightcases, flightcases are the premise of stable operation, and well-designed flightcases, on the one hand can provide a good environment, on the one hand can also make full use of space. Therefore, in order to have the desired service effect, you should first choose a good flightcases.

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