A Shinning Pearl-Flight Cases from RK
With the rapid development of the market economy, we have entered into the information age. Commodity circulation lead to the birth of the logistics industry, but it embodies a lot of damage to goods and the phenomenon of stolen during the transportation process. This not only causes economic losses to merchants, but also the lost of credibility. After years of painstaking research on flight cases, we will break down the shortcomings of traditional packing cases. Meanwhile, we will become a major highlight of commodity packaging, a shinning pearl in the world.

Flight  Cases

Traditional commodities packing cases, cartons and ordinary plastic boxes are used in the current market. Our RK flight cases are penetrating into a number of new technologies, so as to overcome the lack of general merchandise case.

Main features:
Compressive streng
Resistance to moisture
long-time use
Brand new and stackable
Available to be customized

There are two kinds of products we manufacture now:
Stackable cases with covers
Stackable cases without lids

Because of our personalized products only for clients to create a reason to buy flight case in RK. We believe our products will sale well in domestic and foreign markets.

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