How to increase your sales on flight case - Marketing Lesson Three
As a professional flight case marketer or seller, how can we build our relations with our clients?

Thats to say How  to maintain the relationships between you and your clients

1. find out ways

Let us  do an analysis on  this, if you sold 1000 cases to 100 people,among the trading you may got their emails,telephone

novembers or social accounts like facebook,twitter.

2. prepare content

After you got their  emails,telephone Numbers or social accounts,then what are you going to do ? yeah! you have to prepare what
to going to say right ?Thats the content. before you prepare content,you may make an analysis as well .To find out  what they need,what they are caring about,what they need ?for instance ,they may bought a flight case,have they think about buying
like a road case or a Rack Case ? if they do,tell them ,you are the professional one who providing those stuff.

RK Flight case ,road case


Next lesson i am going to show you how to send the content nicely ,properly.
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