How to increase your sales on flight case - Marketing Lesson four
In my last lesson,you may already knew how to find ways and what kind of content that you should prepare. But you
dont know when to send and how to send the flight case,road case marketing content properly and nicely.Rember i have
told you in my first lesson that knew about your clients before your selling.Konw about their personal stuff such as
age or birthday ,family member...ect.
RK flight case show

After you knew about your clients,lets get start ! Birthday? we can send their flowers or gifts,and email their good wishes but
dont forget sign your name let them know.those gifts and wishes are from you.Or you may send their your new products
to them,and ask them about the feelings after use them. OK, now i am going to tell we RK how to do that ,we correct the emails
from our clients list ,Before their birthday wen send our new products to their as gifts,and we also correct the feeling after they use them to make our design better.      

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