Pick A Flightcase For Your Precious Musical Instrument
Are you a band member, or are you a musician/artist? For any one of you out there, taking care of your instrument while on the travel must be painful, sometimes they can get heavy, or sometimes they can get fragile, maybe even both. The thing is what if there’s a special package that is designed to protect and help to transport these things?

RK flight case

And there is, RK provides musician flight case for anyone having that problem, flightcases have many approaches, mainly for musicians. We have prepared Guitar Case , mixer case and many more.

RK Guitar flight case

RK has our own factory and our own tech team that supports customers’ orders, you will be surprised that your order with personalized request can be done exactly the way you wish for, no matter what size, what weight or what kind of shape of container you require, we can manufacture it. If you are interested, contact us on our website.
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