Why Would I Need A DJ Case
A DJ case helps you to store your DJ equipments, like musical instrument, mixer equipment to be more properly tucked away. No musicians would want their equipment to go rusty, or simply bumped into other objects and then can’t function the way it is supposed to do. God knows how expensive to buy a new one, sometimes you can’t even find another one that can replace it.

RK  DJ case

Therefore, getting a proper package is vital.But choosing the right flight case for your equipment won’t be easy, as there are many types and options, to do this, you should ask yourself, “what kinds of protections do my gear need?” Flight case, even for one specified gear can have many different functions, water-proof, shock protection, or heat-protection.

RK Rack Case

RK has been a professional flight case manufacturer for over one decade, we have many cases. Flight case, ATA case, road case, Rack Case, mixer case,etc. We also accept OEM and logo printing, if you are interested, give us a call, or contact us online.
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