The Sponge of flight case
Sponge you can normal see in the flight case,Sponge can be cut according to the shape of your Instruments. it can stored in the Instruments and tightly wrapped the Instruments, the Instruments can reaches the full protection.Following we are going to introduce two Sponges that RK provided in flight case :

EVA flat Sponge:Commonly used thickness 2mm,4mm,6mm,10,15,20,25,30,35 etc   Commonly used hardness 38 degrees, 45 degrees, 50 degrees

EVA Case Sponge:Commonly used thickness 10mm ,15mm,20mm ,Commonly used hardness 38 degrees, 45 degrees, 50 degrees
There is a layer of small grid in EVA Case Sponge

The most frequently used EVA Sponge 

Pearl Sponge :Commonly used thickness 10mm ,20mm,60mm,Much for TV cases, shock-proof cases, moderate hardness 

Pearl Sponge side:

Surface of Pearl Sponge:


Pearl Sponge (Commonly use in Shock box) beautify the case

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