How to Build a Flight Case
Many people use flight cases to transport delicate musical gear. Gigs require travel, and you want to make sure to protect expensive musical instruments that can be damaged when you go from one gig to the next. You can buy flight cases, but u konw the process of building a flight case ?if you  want to build a case for your instrument ,this artical you shold learn.

Guitar Case
If we wannt to build a Guitar case ,we need to measure the instrument or equipment that intend to transport in the box in order to get an idea of how big it should be. Then, mark the plywood to cut out the pieces for the flight box. Fit the pieces together and secure them with the glue and nails. It should be a closed box. Make sure the box is perfectly lined up so that everything will fit properly. Then Cut off the lid of the box after it is sturdily put together. Then Install the locking extrusions,Put on the cabinet braces and secure them with the pop rivets and your wrench. And we have to cover the edges so that we do not cut ourself on the rough edges. Cover up the corners with the ball corners to prevent injury as well. Test the finished flight case to see if is properly assembled. Put some weight in it and see if it holds up. Look for any rough edges and fix them
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