RK Laptop Rack Case - Best for your Mac pro
Do you know how your Laptop Case be made,well RK today going to tell you the details.First of all, we need to measure the laptop for length, width and thickness, and include any pieces or parts that protrude.Cut foam strips. Take some two-inch thick foam, such as used for "eggshell" bed pads.

Laptop Rack Case

Cut three strips of foam, one long thin one to line the bottom of the rack case and two larger rectangles for each side of the case.The long bottom piece should be the thickest since the computer will likely rest on this piece.Attach the foam to the inside of the organizer.

Foam insert the rack case

New Rack Case

Check for vulnerable spots. Simply run your hand along the rack case, applying pressure as you go. Notice spots where you can easily feel the computer through the rack case. If you find no such spots then you're set. If, however, you identify a few places like this then beef them up with a bit more foam.


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