RK Offers Plywood Flight Cases With Aluminum Layers
Flight case is truly helpful for those who have to travel between places with precious equipments or instruments constantly, simpler protection just won’t suffice the need, especially when your equipments like musician mixer box or guitars or bases are too unique to afford a replacement. However, flight case can be hard to come by as suitable for you. Just as flight cases have many variations and types, we have things like musician cases, which mainly used to transport musical instruments, then there’s road cases, for protection with things you don’t want to break on bumpy roads, or other unfortunate incidents.

Pedal Train Flight Case With Aluminum Layers

RK flight cases are primarily built with plywood material, plywood allows anything in store away from moisture and rust, also, it helps to lower down the weight, although plastic material tend to reduce weight as well, they don’t help with the rust issue. Other parts,like fittings and layouts, were made out of steel or aluminum, it makes important bit more durable and likely to further reduce the total weight.

Various Cable Trunks Flight Cases

In case you need any flight cases to help you business, we have a wide range of road case, rack case, flight case, mixer case, and musician cases and many other. We also accept logo printing and OEM services, if you are interested, see our site or contact us page and have a chat.


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