pro dj flight case, numark mixtrack case


pro dj flight case, numark mixtrack case 
*Heavy duty, Fire-proof 
*ATA 300 coffin case 
*Factory price 


pro dj flight case, numark mixtrack case 


*  Flight case & DJ case& transport case 
*  Transportation/Storage/Show/Exhibition 
*  Heavy duty and Fire-proof 
*  Custom design

RK DJ Coffin Case can hold two CDJ or two CD Players and a DJ Mixer. This Flight Case is for Pioneer CDJ 2000 Muliti Player.Created for straight-up durability to protect your Pioneer CDJ 2000, DJ Coffin Case is one tough cookie. A rugged case, the RKCDJ2000 is designed with brawn and brains, the RKCDJ2000 features an unique removable front panel for easy access to your CD drawer, a rear access cable port for no hassle connections. Quick, Smart, Simple and 100% DJ Coffin Case for Pioneer CDJ 2000 Muliti Player.





*  Premium 3/8” Vinyl Laminated Plywood

*  Beefy, Stackable Ball Corners

*  Double Anchor Industrial Rivets

*  Recessed, Industrial Grade Latches

*  Recessed, Industrial Grade Handle

*  Industrial Grade Rubber Feet

*  Tongue and Groove Locking Fit

*  Velvet Interior

*  ATA 300 Rating

dj flight case,


Advantages of RK

^  Professional and reliable manufacturer with near 20 years experience 

^  Providing free design

^  Friendly and pro sales engineers

^  5 Warranties

^  Fast delivery

^  Low price


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