RK Turntable Coffin with Computer Slide

RK Turntable Coffin with Computer Slide               

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    Custom Case,20u DJ Workstation Flight Road Case Rack with Side Tables. When it comes to light, we always think fragile. Based on this opinion, RK Lighting Case is born. RK Lighting Cases are mainly sorted by different application like Moving Head Light, Par Can Cans and LED Light respectively. They are produced with 9mm laminated, covered with powerful hardwares like ball corners, extrusions, latches and hadles to offer the best protection to your light. Speaking of inner construction, we usually design devided panels which is covered with EVA foam to hold 2 lights,3 lights,even 10 lights within a case.Certainly, the number can be asjustable depends on your prefernce.






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Applicable coffin
Feature Lightweight and durable,portable
Accesories Handles,latches,wheels
Internal Foam insert/laptop tray
Support OEM
Warranty 3 years
Packaging & Shipping


The Hardware of DJ Flight Case                                                                                                                    


Ball Corner Stacking/ 90°/ Mini/Flat/ Brace--Ball Corner
Handle Brifecase/ Large/ Strap/ Surface--Handle
Latch With or Without plate/ Recessed --Latch
Clamp Corner clamp with wrinkle/ Middle 90°corner clamp-
Hinge 4inch/ Apart hinge/ Custom/ Fix&Remove/ Piano stay
Caster Caster with or without lock/Heavy duty
Edges Aluminum  Double or Single angle extrusion  Tongue and Groove with wings
Foam CP/ Egg Foam/ Z Foam/Pearl Foam
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